Monday, May 10, 2010

Out on a Lim.

I don't usually post my clips here, but I thought some of you might enjoy reading the interview I did with CFDA Fashion Award winner Phillip Lim for the May issue of CS magazine. Phillip and I hit it off like old friends - I believe the word "soulmate" was tossed around - and though the article is short and sweet, I think it manages to capture both his intelligence and his sass (check out his response to the fashion faux pas question - so much for my theory on leggings being pants).



A few more fun facts: Phillip hates surprises (so do I), wore velvet slippers to his last birthday party (so did I...just kidding), and lives by the philosophy, "Some days, peanuts; some days, shells." I was so grateful for the opportunity to meet him and fully plan to stalk him on the fashion circuit in New York this summer. See his latest collection here. Besties 4-eva, Phil!

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