Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Evanesco, wizard robes. Accio, high fashion!

Yule Ball be damned. Look at little Miss Hermione Granger, all grown up and gracing the pages of Teen Vogue:







What a gorgeous editorial, shot by Norman Jean Roy and styled by Havana Laffitte (which sounds like the name of a Potter character, if you ask me). I a) want all of the clothes and b) am so impressed with Emma Watson! She looks beautiful. Total girl crush. I had given up on Teen Vogue when they said smoky eyes were back for the thirty-four thousandth time, but I may have to buy this issue just to cut it up and stick it on my wall for inspiration.

I'm currently in the process of rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to get psyched for July's movie adaptation of Half-Blood Prince. I generally take issue with the Harry Potter films. I can't figure out who exactly they aim to please: fans of the novels are left disappointed by abandoned storylines, while those unexposed to the brilliance that is the book series enjoy them, but wonder what all the hype is about. This English major and self-professed Potter nerd thinks that Rowling's books are nothing short of masterful - and I wish the movies did them more justice, for the sake of both halves of the crowd.

I think they would have had a lot more success (artistically speaking, because God knows these things do just fine at the box office) had they waited, à la Lord of the Rings, for the right time to make these movies - for the full storyline to be released, for the perfect cast, for that one perfect director who understood the books completely. It does the story a disservice, really, to have made it subservient to so many different people's visions. Despite the fact that every notable British actor of the past half-century (minus my boyfriend, Colin Firth) has managed to worm their way into the project, I have to wonder if Potter's adventures could have been better immortalized had Warner Brothers not been so antsy to cash in.

...That being said, the trailers for Half-Blood Prince look epic and we all know I'll be seeing it at midnight. Who's with me?!


Julia said...

I don't normally follow blogs but I saw this on your facebook and when I saw the post I had to comment! I agree with you completely! they should have totally waited before making all the movies, so that the director and screen writers and actors had all grown up with the books and loved them as much as the fans. I always walk away feeling slightly underwhelmed...I mean why even change JKR's dialogue, it's so perfect as is!

And Emma Watson is such gorgeous model, she always has the most interesting and tasteful clothes.

-Julia (Addis-Diva)

Z said...

Colin Firth= the love of my life.

We'll go half-sies?

I've never really been that impressed with the movies, So I would have to agree with you.

K said...

I agree. They should have waited for better actors (Not that I don't think that most if not all of the supporting actors are perfect, but Harry and Ron are lacking, as well as dumbledore), better effects, and a director who appreciates the series more. David Yates I think is doing a lot better than the others, but there is room for improvement. I also agree that they should have AT LEAST waited for all of the books to be released- they barely knew what to cut and what to keep, and now because they neglected the Marauder story line, Snape's character will be poorly understood. On that note, when they remake this series (and they totally will) the only thing they'll be lacking is Alan Rickman's totally creepy awesome rendition of Snape.

(sad face)

And Colin Firth should TOTALLY be in one of the movies.

Christina said...

I love love loved this spread!

Miss. Kara said...

So I clicked on your blog from your facebook status link, and i really like your layout Emma! As for this entry i'm right there with you i have a total girl crush on Emma Watson i think she is just spectacular. I bought the Teen Vogue issue today, in fact, and i think Emma is such a breath of fresh air compared to the other numerous young ladies (those under 20) of the film industry. Not only does she pull off the character of hermione so well, but her head isn't wrapped up into the fame. She's very strong minded, smart,and ivy-league bound, which is quite impressive seeing as many of the young starlets are passing on university. This particular photo shoot was done so well and all of the pictures are gorgeous!
Anyways, you have a lovely blog here, keep it up i'll probably be checking back.