Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How do you catch a unique puppy? Unique up on it.

Well. It has happened. My beloved red Keds have bitten the dust at the hands (or, rather, jaws) of the fam's overzealous, pony-sized, apparently teething pooch. Reason #37 why I will never own a dog by choice. A well-behaved betta fish: now there is a model pet.

One day I will spend my entire life in heels, but there's something about early morning classes that's just not conducive to stilettos (though God knows I've tried). With the Keds reduced to housework attire, I find myself in search of a new pair of sneakers with enough style not to be mistaken for gym shoes. If I can't look "done," I at least want to look like I had the foresight to look undone à la mode. Casual need not be synonymous with blah.




They're kind of crazy and ghetto fabulous, right? But then, I'm kind of crazy and ghetto fabulous. It took me a while to decide between the high-top and low-top versions, but I figure if you're going to spring for lavender-and-metallic-silver tennis shoes you might as well do the thing properly.

Am I out of my mind? You tell me.


Z said...

I've been looking for a sweet pair of "kicks" for a while. Those look great for spring, but I'm not sure how they would transition into fall...

Emily said...

I think the only white girl on the step team is allowed to have some ghetto fab kicks.

Deanna said...

Have you seen the boys on the El eyeing my black limited edition Nike Dunks? Go for ghetto fab.

Plus, I'm crushing hard on lavender right now.